The Best Tents You Can Stand Up In

If you are very tall, you will know how difficult it is while bumping your head into a tent roof. You will feel bored of hunching and crawling in your tent.

A-frame/ Ridge tent, Dome tent, Pop-up tent, Tunnel tent, Geodesic tent, Cabin tent, Car-top/ Roof-top tent, Bivvy tent/Bivouac tent are a few types of tents you can stand up in. You should select the type according to your needs.

We recommend you to go with Coleman Cabin Camping Tent. Its Weatherproof Screen Room and 6’4 height make the tent very special.

Hence, the height remains consistent and does not depend on where you stand inside. The screen room can provide additional storage or relaxation.

Smaller groups looking for even more weather protection should choose the ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 4-Person Tent. It can provide a 7′ peak height and simple pitch.

8 Best Tents You Can Stand Up In                        

  • Eureka Copper Canyon LX, 3 Season, Camping Tent

Description: This product is perfect for smaller groups of two to four people who want to have the tallest height. Its 7′ height can feel right at home.

However, there is no need to be tense about an enormous floor plan. Ensure that you should camp in a cozy upright home instead of a gigantic fabric warehouse.

  • Coleman Cabin Camping Tent With Weatherproof Screen Room

Description: It is ideal for four to six people willing to camp in warmer temperatures. If you require a tent with additional storage and a screen room, Coleman Cabin Camping Tent is an excellent option.

People looking for a small model can use the tent. 6’4 is the highest height of the model.

  • Core 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

Description: The product is an excellent option if you want ample living space but can’t tolerate a hard setup process. It has a one-minute pitch making itself unique to the campers.

In addition, the product comes with pre-attached poles. It is not available at the cost of living space or height.

  • ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 4-Person Tent
The Best Tents You Can Stand Up In
The Best Tents You Can Stand Up In

Description: The product is perfect for small groups of two to three people who want to have a cozy-sized tent with maximum height. Besides, it can provide reliable weather protection.

In addition, the model is vital for smaller groups who are determined to camp. The product has a hardy 75D polyester rainfly coated up to 1500 mm.

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  • UNP 6 Person Cabin Tent

Description: This model is an excellent option for smaller groups of two to three people looking for a cozy, fair-weather tent. It is suitable for people looking for a budget-friendly but cozy option.

In addition, the model is perfect for those who are a beginner in the camping world. It can offer a 6’5 peak height.

  • Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Tent

Description: This Flex-Bow Tent is perfect for smaller groups of two to four people who are willing to invest in a rugged bad-weather tent. The model can last for a lifetime.

In addition, it is lucrative while you are camping, hunting, or attending a festival. Its 6’6 height can make it very special.

  • Wenzel Klondike 8P Tent

Description: This product can work as a second room, including full weatherproofing. It can provide 16×11′ of living space. The screen room is a place where the height decrease is clear. Its peak height is 6″.

  • The North Face Wawona 6 Tent

Description: The product has an enormous 5×8′ vestibule and can hold anything. If you have any pets, the vestibule can hold your entourage of pets. It is an excellent option for campers. Besides, the additional space is helpful for the interior living space of 10×8′.

Buying guide:

The Best Tents You Can Stand Up In (1)
The Best Tents You Can Stand Up In

You need to consider these factors before purchasing tents you can stand up in.


You must know about the height of every tent and how it can impact your comfort. In addition, it is essential to detect that the head height is the tallest point in the tent. You can go with door height if you are interested.


The number of people you want to camp within the tents you can stand up in is a dependable factor. You may want to prefer having your cabin or sharing it with others.

Besides, you need to check if the tent can offer sufficient space for your gear at total capacity. Choosing a bit bigger than necessary is recommended for the best experience.

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The product’s shape is one of the dependable factors informing you how it can perform in bad weather. For instance, a geodesic dome shape tent is the best design for four seasonal uses.

On the other hand, we don’t recommend cheaper tents with high roofs in the wind or winter, and tents with a box shape can offer the most space inside.


It is a primary factor for tall stand-up tents as these can serve as a greenhouse during a hot day. The ventilation should be better because many people sleep in a tall tent, making you feel comfortable.

It is essential to have different vents around the top, middle, and bottom to allow air to circulate correctly.


The Best Tents You Can Stand Up In

Our recommended products are 100% waterproof. If you want to know how waterproof a tent is, you should consider the hydrostatic head rating available in the specifications.

Try to buy a model which is above 2000 mm. However, using a 5000 mm hydrostatic head (HH) is better. Use sprays and treatments to maintain waterproof protection once a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What tent can you stand up in?

You can stand up in the RAPID DEPLOYMENT SHELTER Obsidian 4, the best pop-up tent.

2. Can you stand up in a dome tent?

You can stand up anywhere – a rarity for dome tents.

3. What is the best instant-up tent?

The names of the best instant-up tents are as follows:-

  • Quechua 2 Seconds XL.
  • Gazelle T4 Pop-Up.
  • CORE Instant Cabin or CORE Instant Dome.
  • Wnnideo Instant Family 4-6.
  • Coleman Instant Cabin 4-10.
  • Tough 3 Season Sundome 3-4.
  • Coleman Pop Up Tent 2-6.

4. What type of tent is easiest to set up?

These are a few tents which are simplest to set up.

  • Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent
  • Teton Sports Instant 1/2 Person Tent
  • Coleman Instant Cabin Tent (4/6/10 Person)
  • Vango Dart Pop Up 3-Person Tent

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