How To Fold Pop Up Tent?

If you are willing to fold a pop-up tent, you need to unzip it first from top-to-bottom. After that, your task is to unhinge the two aluminum poles. Next, you should fold them in half and fold your tent in half. Finally, your job is to roll up your tent to use it as a sleeping bag. 

Whether you plan to become a camper, a few things are there that you require to get before setting off on your first trip. In this case, ensure that you must have the best pop-up tent. 

Pop-up tents are perfect for a few reasons. The first reason is that these are simple to set up and fold back down. Besides, these allow fitting from 2 to 4 persons or even six persons at once. 

In addition, these consist of durable, waterproof materials. All the features are available in a single package at budget-friendly rates.

How to Fold Pop Up Tent

Different pop-up tents are available, including camping tents, dome tents, sun shelters, beach use shelters, portable tents, and shower tents. These come in different sizes also. 

Step 1: Prepare the tent for folding.

While you are going to fold the tent, ensure that you must have cleaned it up. If you use a beach tent or a tent that can use a muddy surface, you can use it for dirt to attach itself to the fabric, including water, insects, bacteria, etc.

That is why it is essential to clean the tent before folding it. You have to wash your tent and then leave it to air dry if you can. But if any possibility is there of not happening, then you can use a wipe or towel to remove the debris.

Ensure that your tent is dry before folding it up. In addition, see if any stakes or extra layers are available that you should remove. After completing the first step, you should move on to the next one.

Step 2: Start folding the tent

Your job here is to unzip the door or two doors of the tent. It enables the air to escape from the inside and makes it easier for you to fold the tent. After that, it allows you to fold it to an oval shape.

Next, you should grab the back part of your tent as you begin your job from there. Try to get the rear pole and bring the pole to the middle one. Whether you find that it is not simple to do, you can take the help of one hand to hold the rear pole and the other hand to hold the middle pole.

You need to hold these two poles in hand to keep the end in the oval shape. If you find any remaining air in the tent, ensure that you get it out at this point.

Step 3: Lift and rotate the tent

You can easily lift the tent while having poles in your hand. It will help you if you put this on the side, allowing it to stand vertically. Ensure that you must come with a firm grip on the tent at all times.

Step 4: Fold and slide the rings

As soon as you have a tent in a vertical position, you need to extend your hand towards the top of it. Thereafter, your job is to pull it very close to the feed as possible. The folded tent enables you to manage easily at this point since it will be on the floor.

In addition, You need to check the two circles which are part of the tent frame. These must overlap, and you have to slide the rings on top of one another. After that, the tent can have a large circular shape.

Step 5: Bag the tent

Whether the tent has an elastic band, use the tent to secure the tent in a folded position. It makes the tent simpler to put into its bag. Once you do this and set all things, you can put them in your car or your backpack. 

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How to Fold a Pop-up Tent into A Circle?

Pop-up tents usually fold into a circle for their designs. These pop-up tents are lucrative to use if you plan to turn in for the night during your camping trip, and you will require a minute merely to set them up.

After spending the night in the tent, your job is to fold the tent. Then, you should fold the tent into a circle. In this case, you have to begin cleaning and air drying and make sure you should remove all additional layers. 

Next, your task is to grab its back and move it towards the front. As soon as you have the top poles in your hand, you have to turn them to one side. It enables you to push down the tent or tap on it on the ground. 

After that, your task is to seal the tent. It can be done with the help of a few elastic bands. However, it is possible to do it in another way also. Tents coming in a circular shape have zippers around the poles, and these allow you to zip them together to seal the tent.

Therefore, you must use the zippers if these are available in your tent. Ensure that you have not grabbed onto the material with the zipper. The reason for that is it can damage this also. You should be aware of the sealing. 

How Do You Fold A Big Pop-Up Tent?

If you want a tent to camp with many people, go with larger pop-up tents. These provide sufficient space for 4-6 persons to sleep. In addition, these may offer space to put your backpacks.

When you fold a big pop-up tent, you will need assistance, whereas, for the regular models, you will not require help. Whether you face issues in folding the tent, you should not hesitate to get help from friends or another camper.

Finally, you should clean up and fold from the back towards the front. After that, lift the tent and rotate it to the left side. Next, you must tap on it on the ground and seal it. Lastly, it is possible to slide away from the tent right into its bag and store it away.

How To Fold A 4-Sided Pop-Up Tent?

These are a bit larger than regular tents of the type. However, sometimes, you may face more challenges in folding it. 

They are equipped with two doors but usually have only one. Ensure that you have left the door open if you plan to fold. 

The 4-sided tent comes with four poles. If you fold this, it is possible to grab the four poles together. Then, you can enable all air to get out of it.

Turn it and bring one end to the other. Pull it if necessary. As soon as the ends are together, use some elastic bands to secure them. It helps to stay tent in a position.

Pack your tent in the bag or leave it as it was. Store the tent accurately until you have to use it again. 


These are all you should know about pop-up tents, like what are these, how to fold these, etc. You must remember the tent to clean and dry before folding it up.

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