[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B001TS8Q94″ locale=”us” height=”228″ src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31KCrsThNwL.jpg” width=”500″]As its name suggests, this tent is capable of sheltering up to 10 campers at once, who all can comfortably sleep underneath its roof. With an easy-to-set-up design and a number of functional features, this product from Coleman may well be a good choice for larger groups of campers or for those who like to have some space…or, a lot of space.


The dimensions feature a seventeen by nine inch footprint and six feet four inches center height, which will no doubt give enough space for most people to comfortably stand upright whilst in the tent. Forget about having to crouch down and squeezing yourself through an impossible web of fabric when entering a tent! The doors, and there are two of them, feature a technology that is Coleman’s latest: hinges. These make it very easy to get in and out and they give the whole tent a very homey feel.

However, as much as it reminds one of a house, it certainly takes less time to mount this tent. The poles, pole sleeves and the exclusive “pin-and-ring” feature are all there to make setting up feel like a walk in the park. Instructions are sewn into the container bag so you won’t have to worry about losing a sheet of non-waterproof paper while you are attempting to set up your tent in blowing wind and rain.

Speaking of rain, the manufacturer’s trademark “WeatherTec System” is implemented through numerous small but convenient details that are all there to keep the weather where it belongs: outside. These are features such as leak-free and inverted seams, zipper protection, waterproof floor and a frame made of fiberglass that is quite sturdy and yet flexible and can withstand the force of the wind.

Nevertheless, one just cannot help feeling that this product is a lot less like a tent and a lot more like a home away from home. For instance, the interior can be split into two rooms if needed, using a foldable divider. Oh, and did we mention that you could even lead electricity into your tent from outside, so that you and your fellow campers never have to part from the conveniences offered by modern technology, if you are at a campsite with electricity available.

The tent originally has a mesh ceiling, which allows fresh air to enter in both compartments. When things get a bit too cold or wet, just pop the polyester rainfly on top and you are good to go. The manufacturer has a special warranty against any defects in the material and there is a limited one-year warranty on the product itself.

The Good:

  • The hinged door is a great feature
  • Very easy to set up
  • Ventilates well
  • Very spacious

The Bad:

  • Quite heavy when packed up
  • Not all space is actually useful space
  • Tent’s design causes water pooling around the tent
  • Tent is on the low end of the waterproof spectrum

Who Should Buy This Tent?

The ideal user(s) for this tent is a family or a larger group who enjoy the idea of having a smaller house for a tent when sleeping away from home. They could be either experienced or amateur campers but they should definitely be knowledgeable about how to reinforce the fabric’s waterproofness to make it fully protective during heavy rainfalls.

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This product is a very roomy and convenient tent with a lot of features that might not strike anyone as groundbreaking innovations but that surely add something to the overall feeling of comfort.

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