We’ve given you a bunch of awesome recipes over the past few months that you can use when out camping so we thought it would be a great idea to give you a quick rundown of some of our favourite camping food ideas in this one summary post.

Idea 1: Curly Dogs

These are a fun family dish to serve up any time or place, but especially when camping.

See our recipe here.

Idea 2: Good ‘ole sandwiches

Aahhh, the good ‘ole sandwich. How can you go wrong with this classic?

We have three awesome camping recipes for you here.

Idea 3: Campers spare ribs

This awesome recipe will go down a treat whenever you serve it up – but make sure you cook enough because the whole campsite will be asking if you have any left over when they get a sniff of this delicious meal wafting across the air!

Idea 4: Potato and sausage hash

Thinking outside the box a little bit here with this one. Check out the tasty recipe on this page.


So there we have it, some classics, some ideas that you might not automatically think would be great for camping – but I promise you, give them a try and you’ll be well pleased 🙂